A commute worth walking

My daily commute to work is dependent entirely on whether I feel like walking or biking. Biking takes about twelve minutes, and the ride to work is downhill, which means that the ride home at the end of the day is all uphill. This is something I take into account when deciding how I want to travel on any given day. Walking, however, takes about half an hour altogether, which is a longer trip. On the days when I’m not up to biking up the hill to Lonsdale & 19th St. in North Van, the walk, and extra time spent, is well worth it.

When I walk, my route takes me through Mahon (pronounced Mann, I’ve recently learned – see above sign) Park. The path through the park takes around ten minutes and winds alongside a babbling brook that pushes away all the sounds of cars beyond the ravine area.

This is the first time in my memory that I have lived close enough to my work to have the option of walking. I’ve been a bike commuter for a few years now, but walking was never something I had considered before. The fact that my walk brings me through such a peaceful, serene place is something that makes me feel very calm and connected to things. There are days when I question why it is that I moved out here, and wonder if I should go back and live in the Temagami wilderness. When I wander through this park (or any of the other beautiful places that surround this city) I remember why I’m here, and the choice is a happy one.

I have to face the fact that, while I would love to live in the middle of nowhere, I am not financially able to do so at this point in my life – because that’s not where I can find work. Until that changes, I think Vancouver may well be the best place in the world for me.

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  1. Alahanna Watson (unregistered) on March 7th, 2006 @ 12:26 pm

    It’s so refreshing to read that one can take the time to enjoy scenery while going the routine way to work. I’ve been a walker from Kits into downtown for about 5 years now and it’s lovely! Amidst the car fumes and the grumpy busy business people there’s a happy medium for me. My Ipod providing wonderful tunes and the fact that I actually take the time to notice even the smallest change in scenery makes me wonder how sad I would be if I had to change my routine. Many friends over the years I have tried to convice to make the move to Vancouver tell me, it’s too big, too scary. My solution is to find your own small world, and forget about the rest that is scary.

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