H-Mart Food Court

The corner of Seymour and Robson, downtown, has a new H-Mart (also here). For the uninitiated, H-Mart is a North American chain of Korean grocery stores. The other one in the GVRD I had known about is near the Lougheed Town Centre.

This new H-Mart, however, defies definition. It is the Mercedes of Asian supermarkets. Or perhaps the Aston-Martin.

It’s not the largest Asian market around — I think T&T Supermarket still retains that title. But H-Mart seems to have the edge on quality. I’m not a fresh fruit fan, but I can’t walk through H-Mart’s produce section without picking up at least something. This week it was a Korean melon and some blueberries, which became Sunday’s breakfast. The seafood and meat sections are some of the best I’ve seen (you can pick up about three people’s worth of fresh salmon sashimi for about $6). They also carry a fair selection of western food, which means it’s the only supermarket I’ve found so far where, in one shopping trip, I can pick up jalapeƱo peppers, Mario’s coconut gelato, salt & vinegar Pringles, and seaweed salad.

It’s not all about the groceries, however. H-Mart’s foodcourt warrants a trip even if your refrigerator at home is already full. Sporting a nice view of Robson Street, the foodcourt offers the best DolSot BiBimBap I’ve had in Vancouver, along with a coffee shop which definitely hangs with the other ones around town with regard to quality. Just don’t forget to take your receipt with you when they call your number, or they may not let you have your lunch. . . .

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  1. wyn (unregistered) on April 10th, 2006 @ 12:00 am

    I wanted to write up on H-mart but I didn’t come away with an H-Mart picture as much as I wanted one of the meat section….!
    It was so delightful because no where else can you get
    (1) Korean melon
    (2) the best taste-tasting booths (I was there on a Saturday)
    (3) some guy singing out fish market specials on a microphone
    (4) racks of thinly sliced beef for bulgogi (or hot pot, I surmise)

    I think there is a market near Lougheed called Hannam Mart (there’s one on East Broadway near Main), not sure it’s the same chain….

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