Moderne Burger Fullness


I am a notorious hijacker of people. If there is something a friend is trying to talk themselves out of because they don’t really want to do it, then I will convince them not to. Then off we go to do something more fun.

Such was the case the other night, which is why I ended up at Modern Burger on Broadway in Kitsilano. It’s a cozy little neighbourhood burger joint with a terrific 40s and 50s interior, complete with vintage details.

I haven’t payed them a visit since last summer because I often feel after eating there like I could hibernate for a few months on the amount of food they serve. The burgers are gigantic, tasty, and each one is made fast and comes fresh off the grill while you wait. I’m a big fan of their diner-style milkshakes – topped by whipped cream and a cherry and accompanied by a metal cup containing the extra shake. They definitely contribute to my feelings of “extra fullness”, along with the side of fries that even when shared are impossible to finish.

Moderne Burger
2507 West Broadway

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