Adults Only?


As a result of many a dining experience, I shudder at the thought of going to an establishment that sounds like a big-box chain – Red Robin, Milestone’s, White Spot, East Side Mario’s, Jack Astor’s….. I couldn’t resist a measure of wariness when heading towards Joey Tomato’s in Coquitlam.

It was fabulous – swanky cas’ that makes you feel all grown-up but at least content to not have to pay a nonsense premium for that experience. The servers, though so young and perky, were attentive and pleasant on the eye. (Did I just sound like a guy there?)

I also confirmed for the umpteenth time that I should not be allowed to order for myself because while my ahi tuna burger (13.99) was very good-for-you good, my companion’s lobster-and-ricotta ravioli in lemon-dill cream sauce (19.99) was dreamy, creamy morsels of heaven and home/Halifax….

The experience diminished somewhat when a ruckus occurred amongst the party sharing the semi-private room when I realized that one of the cream-topped shooters that the waitress brought in was firmly lodged in the bra of a woman wearing a brazenly low tank top. They whooped and cheered for one hapless guy to fetch his drink and I averted my eyes to catched those of waitresses twittering at the doorway, probably wondering which table would tip more or less depending on their course of action.

They took the course of inaction as the burlesque was soon over but our server did apologize immediately after and offer us relocation. Of course I don’t blame the establishment and would return again now that I realize that is the same as the very impressive-looking one that rose out of the dust on Broadway (near Oak).

Interestingly enough, I was Googling “Joey Tomato’s” and stumbled across a forum at urging patrons to boycott Joey’s because they had “banned” children. Officially, all they did was enact a company policy to not obtain for the restaurants booster seats and high chairs.

If this was news-worthy in any way, I think it can go a long way in creating the “premium dining experience” they are aiming for as not only does it deter parents with non-behaving children, but patrons less confident of being thoroughly welcomed might likewise reconsider going, leaving… the all-desirable yuppy.

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