Recycling batteries 101

Robot staring longingly out the window

A few weeks ago Travis and I had a discussion about disposing of batteries of the non-rechargeable kind. We were trying to figure out whether there was somewhere in the city to take them if one wanted to be environmentally conscious and not just toss them into the garbage. I’d forgotten about looking into this until Travis’ prompt via email yesterday, so I immediately went into research mode to see what I could find.

(A photo of a robot was the best I could come up with to illustrate batteries. Nevermind that this robot in particular doesn’t use them…)

The website for the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation program has a extensive list of local businesses where the environmentally minded consumer can take expired rechargeable batteries for recycling, but regular batteries seemed to be a different matter. I eventually discovered that SPEC, a local society promoting sustainability, is the place to go. They only accept “household” batteries such as double A’s, and there is a charge of $6 per kilo. If anyone knows of other places to go, please leave a comment.

For more information on disposing of other items that shouldn’t go into the garbage call the Recycling Council of BC Hotline (604-732-9253).

150 Maple Street
phone: 604-736-7732
fax: 604-736-7115

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  1. herefishy (unregistered) on July 5th, 2006 @ 6:48 pm

    And Ikea :) Right by the exits they have a bin for recycling batteries and another one for recycling their odd lightbulbs!

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