Pride Week, Homopalooza, Wet Spots

Vancouver Pride and Joy logo
Vancouver Pride and Joy logo

Tomorrow is the start of the nine-day Vancouver Pride Week, which runs from Saturday 29 July to Sunday 6 August. There are a ton of events on, which are on a pocket guide calendar of events–I won’t go reciting them all here. Some have already started. The well-known Pride Parade is on the last of these days, closing off the festival period.

The big opening of the week, though, is a first-time event, Homopalooza at the Plaza of Nations in False Creek. It’s a combination of giant beer garden, sex expo, and musical performances. Presumably, the usual gang of food vendors will be there too (the collection that seem to be the same at every festival–lemonade, pitas, Thai food, mini-doughnuts, etc.), plus the standard souvenir stand with t-shirts, hats, and other stuff. More unusual, and not seen at most other events, will be the tattoo artists, the piercers, and the dungeon area.

The beer garden and even the “Erotic Tent City” I don’t have much to say about. It’s the headline musical act that I want to highlight. You may know The Wet Spots as an Internet meme.

The Wet Spots, Cass King and John Woods
The Wet Spots,
Cass King and John Woods

The Wet Spots are Cass King and John Woods, a wife-and-husband musical comedy duo, both originally from Vancouver, but who are now based in Toronto. You may know them as an Internet meme–from their music video for Do You Take It?, which has been downloaded over a million times. Or you may have seen them at Fringe Festivals past. Their musical comedy is (in their own words) inspired by inspired by the risque satirical songs of Monty Python, South Park, Tenacious D and musical comedy legend Rusty Warren. I suspect (though do not know for sure) that other greats like ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, Tom Lehrer, and Allen Sherman might also have been influences.

If you went and downloaded the above-linked music video before reading on, you might already have figured out that the Wet Spots write songs about sex. Kinky sex. Done in traditional musical styles. The combination of sophisticated, but explicit lyrics with sweet, traditional-sounding melodies has been a big hit for the duo ever since they began writing and performing these songs.

I managed to catch a performance of theirs a few weeks ago at Yuk Yuk’s and had a great time, and will be catching their show (5:15 pm start time) at Homopalooza before they leave again. It’s Vancouver’s loss that they are no longer based in this city; they left for Toronto because it offered a better chance to making a living as full-time performers.

At only $10 admission, it’s a bargain even just to see that one artist, but you get everything else at the venue too when you do, all the other acts, all the vendors, the atmosphere. It’ll be a fun and perhaps mind-broadening way to spend a Sunday. Perhaps I’ll see you there.

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