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Vigilante justice to return to Vancouver

Let’s hear it for taking the law into our own hands. Huzzah. The Guardian Angels who haven’t operated in Vancouver since 1992 are looking to make a return to the city to clean Vancouver up Punisher style [cbc]. Tying in nicely with Pride Week [mbv] they wear nice little berets and really dig the deep crimson red colouring for their dashing threads.

Who wouldn’t want to be rescued by one of those knights in French hatware?

Oh and the fact that the crime rate in Vancouver has fallen since the Guardian Angels left Vancouver in 1992? Well let’s not talk about that one, it’s obviously some kind of statistical fluke.

Illuminares Lantern Procession

Damn, I left my camera at home–so no pics.

Anyway one of my favourite events in Vancouver happened last night. Every year in late July the Public Dream Society puts on a phenomenal free public party (cause i can’t think of a better word for it) in Trout Lake park. There are fire jugglers, stilt walkers, Hare Krishna’s, drum bands, random musicians, wild paper mache lanterns everywhere, and even a modest little fireworks show. Everyone takes part; everyone is part of the show somehow.

They’ve got a couple more events coming up this summer. Check out thier calendar for a list and times, and definately come out for at least one.

More on phones, data plans, and bloggery

Photo: Gordon Ross, using his fancy Nokia N70

This is not really about the Matchstick phone thing or so much about blogging, but I’m not the only one who has noticed that wireless data is wildly pricey from any of the local cell phone companies. Indeed, the capabilities of most modern phones are outstripped by the usually-prohibitive costs of using those features.

A personal question for Vancouverites

Ah those sexually liberated French, get them talking about sex and not only will they join in but they’ll probably get a mention in the newspaper. That’s what happened when Metroblogging Montreal started asking people where was the strangest most unusual place that they had had sex [mbm]. A little bit after the post hit the web the French paper Le Devoir wrote about it [ld].

So Vancouver, and the rest of the internet, where have you been having the sex? Anywhere is good, it doesn’t have to be a Vancouver-centric place for love. Sadly I don’t have any good out of the way stories, and so I’ll have to beg off on this one but I’m sure the rest of you can pick up the slack.

More night sky lights

Tonight is another night of the HSBC’s Celebration of Lights fireworks spectacular. Which means traffic on public transit and in the private autocars will be quite busy even if you’re not going. The downtown area is going to be quite the happening place, so if you’re a fan of crowds or explosions then you’re probably already on your way to the fireworks.

Good watching points are English Bay and Kits Beach. Don’t expect to make a quick break back home after the last explosion rocks the downtown core, because traffic tends to be even worse afterwards. Plus there tends to be about a million cops everywhere, so they’ll all notice that you’re left tail light is out.

So stay home and watch that disc from that you’ve been meaning to get to. Or go watch Clerks 2 which is much funnier than you might think it would be.

The Red Bull ads you’ve been seeing

Over the last week or so I’ve been seeing these ads for Flutag everywhere. Well everywhere meaning at nearly every Skytrain station and on buses. So you know public transit everywhere. The only thing I was able to learn from the ads was that it had something to do with the Red Bull energy drink and that there was an event happening August 19th at Concorde Pacific Place.

So I finally got my shit together and looked it up on the internet to discover that it’s a contest to see who can build the best human powered flying machine [rbfv]. That’s right, you remember the old footage of bicycles with wings on them from the pre-Wright Brothers days? Well this it that, sort of.

Check out the site to see some pretty crazy examples. It might be worth heading down to the event on the 19th to check out some of the disasters that are about to be unleashed all in the name of marketing.

The one where we all start pimpin’ for the man

This post is going to seem sort of insufferably inside blog baseball, but there’s no way to avoid that now I’ve already written the subject line out. Essentially over the last few months a number of Vancouver based bloggers, including myself, have suddenly started blogging from new Nokia cellular telephones.

A marketing company called Matchstick [ms] approached a number of bloggers, and told them to approach their blogging friends. Ryan Cousineau [rc] let all of the Metrobloggers know about that the company was giving out new Nokia 6682 [nok] phones A lot of Metrobloggers have gotten them, and a number of other bloggers such as Darren Barefoot [db] were approached but said no and actually complained about the company’s constant spamming of them as have other local bloggers [bmc].

Caribbean fun on the North Shore Caribbean Days Festival is on at Waterfront Park in North Vancouver this weekend. If you didn’t make it out today, you’ve still got Sunday to check out the spicy food, music and colorful costumes of the dancers and entertainers.

On Saturday, the music was getting people dancing in the early afternoon (not always an easy feat) while visitors milled about the stalls filled with Caribbean and African-style artwork, sunglasses, discount running shoes and tropical shirts (the color on the really cheap ones tends to wash out after just one cleaning, I’ve personally discovered).

Jamaican Ginger Beer goes nice with the jerk chicken (a lot of the stalls seem to carry the same menu items, so it might be safe to choose the longest lineup if you’re looking for the best, hoping that the wisdom of crowds will work for you).

One thing I’d forgotten about Waterfront Park, not having visited in a long, long time: it has an awesome view of downtown Vancouver, great for us amateur photographers. Enjoy.

Richmond the science fiction capital of Richmond

Another Daring Escape

Originally uploaded by puuikibeach.

From July 31st until August the 6th there’s going to be a lot more nerds in Richmond, and it’s already runner up for Nerd Central BC (after Summerland) so that’s saying a lot. Why is it going to be so chock full of people who know way too much about “The City on the Edge of Forever”?

Elementary my dear Data, it’s because there’s a science fiction convention at the Best Western Inn in Richmond called Timeless Destinations [td]. It’s a good name, sounds like a sort of diamond you’d give a girl which maybe is the draw for the girlfriends. The lineup for the show is online [td] but it’s fairly heavy on the “locally produced sci-fi show cast” and light on anyone who would actually have to travel to reach Richmond.

So if you’ve been dying to meet people who were in X-Files when it was good and one of the five dozen Star Gate franchises that are filmed here then this is your lucky day. Even better you can meet people from Smallville so your teenage daughter has a reason to go.

Fire in the sky

Look at all the people

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

I resisted blogging about my night at English Bay for the fireworks because I assumed that everyone else would post about it. I mean the entire city seems to go into some sort of mania when it comes to the annual fireworks displays. This year it’s called the HSBC Celebration of Light [hcl].

It’s on again tonight and then August 2nd and 5th. I really don’t like fireworks, I’m not impressed by them and I hate crowds but the Italy display the other day was pretty good and I almost enjoyed myself. If you’re the sort of person to be impressed by pretty colours and loud noises then it might be for you. A sample video is after the break.


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