More Viral Marketing?

As much as I resent feeling tricked when realizing that something interesting on the street is actually a well (or not so well) disguised advertisement, I have to admit that I still like the idea of marketing by means of people talking about what they want to talk about, rather than paying someone to represent an artifical opinion. Not to mention, these campaigns spice things up a little.

I saw these wanted posters glued onto the now defunct Capitol 6 Theatre’s plywood exoskeleton. It actually took me a minute to convince myself they’re not real, I was so excited at the thought of seeing real wanted posters. I know. Don’t tease me.

The posters are for the new Fox Monday night program “Prison Break.” I don’t watch much television, so I hadn’t heard of it before, but the networks found a clever way to reach me nevertheless.

I do have to wonder, however, how far the trend can go? At what point does viral marketing cross the line and simply become virulent? Anyone notice how reality is starting to become the advertisement for the media, rather than the other way around?

“Did you hear those recently release 911 call recordings from the September 11 on the radio yesterday? That was pretty hardcore, wasn’t it?”

“No doubt. Are you planning to see the World Trade Center movie?”

“I am now. . . .”

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