Bob’s Brook


My father is using his time off this summer to try and lose weight. Every day he sets off in a different direction in search of good walking places and he shares the best of each week with us on the weekend.

On Saturday we made our way towards the Hayward Lake. There are two trails around the lake, the 6 km Railway Trail on the western side and a somewhat more challenging 10 km Reservoir Trail on the eastern side. Both trails connect to each other, so it’s possible to walk all the way around, though we didn’t bother.

We had a different destination in mind. Not quite halfway down the Railway Trail there are signs warning cyclists to dismount and notifying trail users that they are entering an environmentally sensitive area. The trail then travels downwards over a set of wooden structures into a small ravine.

I’m told that there is a sign somewhere that tells the name of this place, but I don’t remember seeing it anywhere. My dad seems to think it’s called Bob’s Brook. Whatever its name, it’s a rather idyllic spot and the lake below looks like it would be a fairly private swimming and picnic spot.

One of the things I love about Vancouver is how there are so many of these little spots out there, and unlike with other cities, they’re not so far away.

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