Lumiere – Small portions, but so many courses!

A little over a month ago, my wife and I visited Feenies. For our anniversary, we decided to go next door to Lumieres to live the dream of any addict – to eat the beautiful artistic creations that we see on the screen everyday. To sum it all up, our experience at Lumiere was amazing. The food was delicious, the service was extremely friendly and to see it all in action was a once in a lifetime experience for a couple of foodies who couldn’t really afford to come to a place like this on a regular basis in the first place.

When we arrived, we decided that didn’t want to do the valet thing. It would have been a bit quite the contrast for the attendant had we done so. One minute he’s driving BMWs and Jaguars. The next minute he’s driving a 1998 Mini Van with carseats and booster chairs, complete with cherrios on the floor and encrusted baby forumla on the seats. We were lucky to find some parking next to the DQ a half a block down.

We entered the restaraunt and we were shown to our table right next to the front window. The place was packed! I didn’t see any movie stars or anything, but the place was filled with a few couples, most of them young. We also saw a cute old couple enjoying every minute of their meal. There were groups of business people there too. Roughly 70% of the customers had a camera including us.

Interestingly, one of the chairs faced the street while the other faced directly into the kitchen. They offered my wife the chair to the street but she opted for the one facing the kitchen so she could see what was going on.

As far as we could see, each stove, countertop and prep station led to one main table manned by the most senior chef of the night… sorta like a staging area for a parade. As each dish was prepared, the last chef would add a few ingredients inspect them, stick a spoon into it for taste and then approve it to be sent out to the customer. It was interesting to see dish upon dish take off from the table like airplanes from a runway.

We didn’t see Chef Feeine there this time, but that’s okay. Cheers to Simon, our waiter who was very nice. It was very interesting to see how he could explain what we were eating to the smallest detail. However, there was one guy there, complete with the French accent, and the French frown. In my opinion, he made the whole French experience authentic for us! He didn’t smile one bit the entire time we were there… kinda looks like Colm Meany from Star Trek. You could tell that he loved his job and has a passion for food, just like all of the people who work there.

All in all, the food was superb and we had no complaints at all. I tasted something that could taste me! (Lamb Tongue). We tasted fois gras for the first time. The experience was well worth saving for as well as waiting for. We’ll probably come back again for our 10th anniversary and try the Seafood and Kitchen menus that time around.

We had the signature menu (Pictures will come tomorrow as soon as I get a chance to download them):
1. Duo of Albacore and Yellowfin Tuna
with caperberry, soy-olive and truffle vinaigrette and celery a la greque
2. Duck Prosciutto
with bing cherry coulis, cumin-caramel and cumin powder
3. Thinly Pounded Lobster and Sweetbread
with a truffle red wine jus
4.BBQ Duck Broth
with steamed bbq pork wonton, dungeness crab meat and sesame oil
5.Grainy Mustard Glazed Lamb Tongue
with squash puree, fingerling potatoes and pine mushrooms
6.Squab Breast, Pan Seared Foie Gras & Pistachio Crusted Confit Leg
with truffled gnocchi, and huckleberry sauce
7.A Selection of Domestic & Imported Cheese
with fruit & nut bread
8.Red Heaven Peach Consomme
infused with lemongrass, white peach sherbert, and summer fruits
9.Gala Aples done three ways
Apple sauce with carmelized apple skin, with apple syrup on the side. Sweeeeeet!
Didn’t know what this was when we saw the menu, but it ended up being tiny pieces of cookies and cake on a fancy silver two-level plate.

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  1. Lydia (unregistered) on October 2nd, 2006 @ 5:00 pm

    What you just described is my dream as well. Lucky!

  2. Soultrance (unregistered) on October 2nd, 2006 @ 8:11 pm

    If you guys head out for another fancy dinner, I HIGHLY recommend Cin Cin on Robson. I took my wife there the first time she can to Vancouver and it was Fantastic! We had the 6 course tasting menu with wine accompanyment and it was fantastic! But if you opt for that route, be ready to drop over $300, lol.

    Still, for a night that we’ll remember until we lose our minds, it was a small price to pay. :)

  3. Carla (unregistered) on October 3rd, 2006 @ 12:51 pm

    mmm…sounds good
    I like the idea of tasting a lot of different dishes

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