Pet Etiquette In The Winter

As a responsible dog owner I’ve always been appalled at the actions of other pet owners who are irresponsible when it comes to picking up after their pets. In Vancouver this is predominately dogs as most cats go in a litter box at home.

When I moved into Richmond, I was pleasantly surprised at how the numerous parks here seemed to contain more signage and accessible garbage cans and in turn appeared to have less owners leaving their pet’s business behind.

Well today as I walked through the park and the snow is finally melting due to the warming weather I’m quickly discovering that the normally clean park is now a gauntlet of dog poop. Just because we have a few inches of snow doesn’t give you an excuse to not pick up after your pet!

This in turn made me wonder. Did these normally responsible owners who now all of a sudden have the opportunity to “get away with it” decide not poop scoop? Or are Richmond parks normally kept extremely clean by the city parks crew?

There was a rumour I heard many years ago about Burnaby. Apparently they have a very well funded parks board and as a result the residents who are aware of this leave their pet excrement behind knowing it will be cleaned up very shortly by the park crews.

I sure hope the majority of pet owners do their part because they are responsible and not because someone was watching or they couldn’t get away with just leaving it there.

Nobody likes strolling through thawing slush and dog poop. It’s a seriously bad combination. Do the right thing and scoop that poop even if the weather can hide it.

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  1. maikopunk (unregistered) on December 5th, 2006 @ 11:55 am

    I’m so grateful that when my dog went to roll in the snow, he didn’t roll in some other dog’s crap. Because I was always afraid that that was going to happen. Maybe that could be rule 0005 of Civility for Vancouver: Snow doesn’t make poo invisible.

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