Hangovers, Resolutions, and back to work

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With New Year’s Day, the bit of the year known as “The Holidays” comes to an effective end, though being a Twelve-Days-of-Christmas kind of guy, I always keep the lights on and the tree up until Epiphany.

Nonetheless, it’s time to throw out the wrapping paper, clean up the house, go back to work, make some resolutions, and figure out how to explain what you said at the office Christmas party.

It’s also time to go back to work, unless you’re in retail, in which case your peak season just ended and now you’re entering a month of empty cash registers.

So this is mainly an open thread. I want to know: Best/worst present you gave or received? Best Boxing Day score? Where did you ring in the new year, and how much did you drink? Any really mortifying moments around the dinner table with family?

Some of my answers after the jump.

In a year where I got Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the office gift exchange (oh, yeah!), an extremely nerdy new remote control, and plenty of generous gift cards, the standout present was a Bay blanket from my wife. As to why I would want such a thing, well it’s not easily articulated, I didn’t even ask for it, and it was the perfect gift.

My Boxing Days traditionally revolve around the sale at the Port Moody Sports Junkies. I just head for the bike parts, grab stuff as fast as I can, and sort it out later. Seriously: they have pretty much the best bike-parts sale in town that day. I picked up a crankset for about a quarter of list and half of the mail-order retail price.

After my pathetic begging for New Year’s Day ideas, I got multiple invitations from friends, and had a very nice time. So in case you’re wondering, blubbering about your personal problems in this forum works! We’ll see how the overlords at Metroblogging Central like that theory.

For New Year’s Day, I went on a small, messy, and mildly inebriated bike ride with friends. It’s much more fun than swimming. Hm. I wonder if Miss 604 did the swim?

As you can see, I’m a shallow and ridiculous person. So my resolution for next year is to think deep thoughts, stop violating local liquor laws, be more generous, and post on the Metblog more often.

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