3 Lanes for Bridge of Death?

killercurve.jpgIt seems that I’ve started a series, posting about the Pattullo Bridge in all its glory [1][2]. Whether it be another accident, the talk of adding a median or ripping up the asbestos-ridden deck, this is one sad excuse for a major thoroughfare.

As I flipped through the Vancouver Sun looking for the daily crossword to enjoy and concur on my lunch break I noticed something on the front page of the Westcoast section. Well, well, if it isn’t my deadly little nemesis.

The regional transportation authority, which has been trying for more than two years to figure out what to do with the 70-year-old bridge, has commissioned a feasibility study on a three-lane system with a counterflow lane like the one on the Lions Gate Bridge [VancouverSun]

Bob Behnke from The John Heida Project chimes in:

“If there’s no median, you haven’t fixed the problem,” he said. “You’ve made it a little safer because the lanes will be wider. But you haven’t fixed the problem that took my friend’s life. The killer on the Pattullo Bridge is that curve.

Putting a barrier between northbound and southbound traffic would prevent the deadly head-on collisions that occur when drivers take the curve too fast and drift into opposing lanes. Behnke said it’s about “idiot drivers going way too fast and losing it on the corner.”[VancouverSun]

Exactly. This is what we’ve been saying all along. By “we” I mean those who drive it often, who know what this bridge is actually like, and those who unfortunately lost loved ones over the years to its killer curve. Aside from that, 3 lanes could make traffic worse. How many more options are going to be tossed around every couple of years? To stay on top of Translink’s Pattullo ideas, you can read through their 2007 Transportation Plan on their website.

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