Selfish Human Complains Yet Again

Cloverdale Dead Crow

Being pro-crow, I was disgusted to read about another person complaining about the birds in the Burnaby News Leader. Barbara Watt, some fish inspecting twit, had little compassion for the birds and their use of the Still Creek area for their nightly roosting. It seems that, while the Burnaby roost hasn’t changed, the trees the roosting crows once used were cut down six months ago, forcing the birds to encroach into the office district.

“If you want a volunteer with a pellet gun, I’m in,” she says, offering two lame reasons for wanting to get rid of the birds: the excrement on the soles of her shoes and, most especially, because the birds make her wash her car.*

Let’s see, humans – a pestilential species – can flush their shit down the toilet with impunity, not really giving any thought into whose backyard it goes, yet they can cut down the crows’ habitat and then complain when the birds land a poop in our territories.

Along with the whiners who live on our clearcut mountainsides and freak out when a bear gobbles up their shih tzu, it’s obvious Vancouverites are liars when they say they live here for the nature. What? You only want the bald eagles and the killer whales?

*Birds shitting on your car is good luck, in Romanian superstition. Canadians really should learn to appreciate this fact.

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  1. Rachael (unregistered) on January 31st, 2007 @ 10:31 pm


    Crows are wonderful, intelligent birds, and I love that Vancouver has such a huge population of them. They are as much a part of this place as the people, and it’s terrible their traditional nesting trees weren’t respected and left alone. What did the idiots expect would happen after these trees were gone? Did they really think the crows would stop going to the same place every night?!


  2. maktaaq (unregistered) on January 31st, 2007 @ 10:56 pm

    I know! One of the biologists in the article, in answering this woman’s “health” fears, points out that if the crows disperse from the Still Creek area, it’ll be worse for the entire Lower Mainland, by spreading out the problem.

    I used to work in that area (pre-clearcut) and I doubt it could have gotten that bad. Sheesh!

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