Stereotype Barbies

Stereotype Lower Mainland Barbies from the Disconnect the Dots and Technical Peepshow blogs are almost the same, with a few small differences.

  • The Coquitlam Barbie and the North Vancouver Barbies are interchangeable. Both are “modern day homemakers” with Ford minivans and no occupation. I don’t spend much time in North Van, but I can say that this Coquitlam Barbie should be renamed the North Coquitlam Barbie or the Westwood Plateau Barbie (or the Port Moody Rich Bitch Barbie). Coquitlam is more proletarian than Barbies with minivans.
  • The Surrey Barbie switches roles between the two blogs. In Disconnect the Dots, she “comes with a stroller and infant doll” (this is the Downtown Eastside Barbie in the Technical Peepshow). In the Technical Peepshow the Surrey Barbie is a “recently paroled Barbie [that] comes with a 9mm handgun, a Ray Lewis knife, a Chevy with dark tinted windows, and a Meth Lab Kit” (the description used for the East Van Barbie in Disconnect the Dots).
  • The Chilliwack (Technical Peepshow) and Maple Ridge (Disconnect the Dots) Barbies are both tobacco-chewing and brassy-haired.

  • The Chilliwack (Disconnect the Dots) and Mission (Techical Peepshow) Barbies both have confederate bumper stickers.

Why the change between the two blogs?

Did someone read the description for the Technical Peepshow Barbie and say, “Nah, Surrey’s being middle-classified for young parents,” and then took away Surrey Barbie’s meth lab? Is Chilliwack merely tobacco-chewing or does it also support some racist American agenda too? Where exactly is the dividing line between the cosmopolitan Lower Mainland and the white trash Lower Mainland? Is it Chilliwack or is it closer to us, in Maple Ridge?

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  1. col (unregistered) on April 2nd, 2007 @ 5:55 pm

    how funny that some of them are interchangeable..guess this just goes to show how much overlap there is in the lower mainland!

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