A savage review of the last Police concert, by S. Copeland

It’s lovely when a rock legend can be honest, self-deprecating, and funny on his own site.

Stewart Copeland (he drums for a little band called The Police) posted a recap of their second show in Vancouver, and it basically details the numerous ways in which the trio got it all wrong.


“Andy has started the opening guitar riff to MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE and the crowd is going nuts. Problem is, I missed hearing him start. Is he on the first time around or the second?”

“The mighty Sting momentarily looks like a petulant pansy instead of the god of rock.”

“We’ll have to listen to the tapes tomorrow to see who screwed up, but we are so off kilter that Sting counts us in to begin the song again.”

I mean, we’ve all had bad days, but our bad days don’t usually happen in front of thousands of screaming fans. Read the rest. It’s a hoot, and makes me like the band even more.

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