North Shore Knee Knacker Race 2007

I had the pleasure yesterday of being one of the official volunteer photographers at this year’s KneeKnacker race on the North Shore. My spot was aid station # 7 – right on the trail at the top of the Seymour Demonstration Forest – 22 miles into the race. Our station was at the top of a long hill and those poor runners…ouch. The man that came in first place to our station arrived at 9:32 (by my watch). The race started at 6:00 am down in Horseshoe Bay. It took him 3 & 1/2 hours to run 22 miles of hilly and bumpy terrain. He stopped only for a minute at the most to have some water and then head out to run the rest of the 8 miles to the finish line in Deep Cove. All the finish times have been posted on their website here.

I was told this race “was a real puker” and it’s not uncommon for injuries to take place. I didn’t see any vomiting or injuries, but I did over hear things like, “Oh, I just got a call. He decided to run home from Cleavland Dam.”. One supporter got a phone call like this, “Oh no. Okay. I’ll go get him.” She then explained to me the person she was waiting for started getting sick on the trail and had to stop the race. I heard the race started out with about 250 people, and by the time the last person got to the station where I was, they were down to 196 people. There were racers from around Canada running and some international runners as well – someone came from Australia to run the race and another one from South America. Many of the runners from out of town had never been on the course before as they had been training elsewhere. The runners were troopers. And I would say 80% of them smiled for the camera! Ha! Running up hill, after all those miles and still, they see the camera and smile. Amazing.

This was a great event to volunteer for. They were very organized and professional and I even got invited to the banquet. I didn’t make it to the banquet this year, but next year, if they’ll have me, I’ll happily volunteer again.

I’ll be posting A LOT of pictures of this event fairly soon. I took over 400 so it was quite time consuming to go through them all. It was my first real action shot photography session as well and I’m pretty happy with how a bunch of my pictures turned out.

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