Vancouver gets angry

I’ve blogged about it before, but every so often Vancouver just seems to get really angry. It doesn’t seem related to the weather, though this time that could be part of it, nor the performance of the Canucks. It’s just every six months or so things just slip into angry violence.

I’m not talking about riots, but rather just absolutely ridiculous events on a small personal scale.

Yesterday for example there was a brawl between two customers outside the store I work at Metrotown with a much larger and older man tyring to beat the crap out of a young boy. The security guards then arrived and took about five minutes to seperate them, then had to pile of the young boy. Today a customer got mad at me and took a half hearted half swing across the counter and then stormed out.

A lot of this is working in the mall, Metrotown because of the weather is way too busy and the stress of shopping coupled with the stress of waiting in lines is probably wearing on some people.

Whatever it is once again there seems to be some bad mojo in the air. To use the word mojo.

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