Elfsar brings Halo Heroclix alliteration to Vancouver

Halo: Uprising

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//begin nerdness// I once tried to get into Heroclix [wp] the comic themed table top board game that builds on the Pokemon type collection gaming that’s popular right now. The trouble is I don’t quite understand the rules, and like hockey I just feel like I’m too old to ever start playing it now. I mean just like it would be shameful to me and my family if I showed up at a hockey game for six year olds wanting to join the team, being whumped at Heroclix by twelve year olds is kind of shockingly loserish too.

Still it’s a pretty popular thing, as is the XBox game Halo. Ah Halo, with a new comicbook written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Alex Maleev and of course the wildly anticipated Halo 3 due out soon for the XBox 360 it’s hard to look one way or another without Wired [wm] running a feature on the franchise or someone trying to get you to pre-order the game.

So what happens when you combine these things? Can we call it Funvana? Or maybe Dorkmecha? Or maybe just $$$. Either way if you’re into either Halo or Heroclix, and especially if you’re into both, you might be excited to know that local comic book shop Elfar will be having a preview of the new Halo Heroclix series of figures September 5th at 6 pm [efs].

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Next Level games will be in the store demonstrating the new set which won’t have been launched yet. It looks cool from the pictures on Elfsar’s website. I’ll be giving it a pass myself, given my lack of skill at the Heroclix (my Spider-Man figure keeps changing sides).

//end nerdness//

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