An update on the update

As Travis noted there’s still a few things going a bit wonky around here following the move from Moveable Type to WordPress.  Add to that the fact that we did a minor redesign and things are going a bit sideways at the moment.  After the jump I’ll talk a bit about the issues we know about, and what the status on them is. If you’re not interested in the nuts and bolts of how a blog runs then feel free to not read any further.  So we’re well aware of most issues.  The following is quoting from a post by Metroblogging co-founder Sean Bonner [mb] who has been the go-to-guy on the move.   About how many people are working on the problem:

So yeah, we’re working on it. Let me jump back a moment and point something out real quick. We know that Metblogs is probably the coolest thing you’ve ever seen on the web and this will be really hard to believe, but there’s just 4 of us working on all of this. Just Jason DeFillippo, Richard Ault, Mack Reed and Me.  

About site width:

The problem here is that some of the design elements that were supposed to be background images were moved to foreground images in one of our last minute pre-launch tweeks while trying to solve a different issue. Turns out when you’ve been staring at a design 24 hours a day for months you don’t pick up on subtle changes like that, luckily we had a bazillion readers to let us know about the problem.  

About broken links and images:

Yep. The totally are. You know what is awesome? Lolcats. You know what isn’t awesome? Exporting one of the largest MoveableType installations into WordPressMU. You know what’s even less awesome? Not having a full team of hackers, coders, and bartenders on staff to make the transition seamless. We knew some things would break and we’d be scrambling to fix them, which we are, and which is even less fun than we thought it would be. Point is we know this stuff is broke, it’s not going to stay that way, and it’s the primary thing we’re working on in house here. And by “in house” I do mean actually in our houses. I’m writing this from my bedroom which I haven’t left in about 24 hours. Sweet! 

There are a few other issues, such as the font size and shade being a bit hard to read on some monitors, and they’re all getting addressed as we go along.  Thanks to you all for sticking with us, to steal some lines from WestJet, we know you’ve got a lot of local Vancouver city blogs to choose from and we’re glad you’re choosing us.  If now seat backs up, tray tables locked in and prepare for flight. 

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