The English are coming for our video games

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There could be trouble on the horizon for the local video game industry. Like our movie industry software developers get pretty good tax breaks for bringing their studios to Canada, and Vancouver along with Montreal have been the big winners. Electronic Arts is the major studio in town, but there’s quite a few other ones that have been drawn here by tax credits.

The British are taking a closer look into these sorts of government incentives, and thinking of bringing a case against Canada up in the WTO.

From Wired’s Game\Life blog [wgl]:

The Brits are up in arms over the numerous tax breaks and financial incentives that are offered to game developers in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. As Paul Jackson, head of the ELSPA put it, “The Canadians have driven a tank over the French Citroen and have now parked on our lawn. It is becoming very challenging to keep core development studios here.”

The new investigation is meant to determine whether Canada’s financial breaks for game developers is compatible with World Trade Organization principles.

You know what I say? I say fuck off limeys, we totally beat you at negotiating our Confederation and then Trudeau totally patriated the Constitution from your/our Queen.  Why don’t you go cry in your tea?  Suckers.

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