Power out downtown Vancouver

I’ll be quick since I’m posting from my janky phone’s browser.

Power is out for most of Robson and a large section of downtown. This includes traffic lights, so avoid driving down here for the next while.

My office building was evacuated due a weid noxious black smoke coming from the side of the building. There are reports of smoke from at least one other office building a few blocks up.

The city has apparently said that power will be restored by 3pm.


Power still out. According to Twitter most downtown workers are part of an exodus back home as the work day is called on account opf rain… err… power oputage.

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  1. castewar on July 14th, 2008 @ 3:58 pm

    I just spoke to someone in Seattle – they commented that downtown was on fire. Which means, they’ve heard about it in Seattle – what the heck happened down there?

    And the word is the power outage will continue to tomorrow?

    And I can’t find a thing on the news sites – I’m not sure why I expected the Vancouver papers to, you know, be able to comment, but I was running out of options. I’ve learned more from Jeffery’s tweets than I have from the news, thus far. Oh, and props to BuzzBishop, who also has useful tweets. I wonder if I should have turned the radio on?

    Do I have 72 hours worth of water? Are there zombies?

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