The dark priests of the Fraser Institute

There is no doubt that if you’ve read enough of the news you’ve seen a story quoting the Fraser Institute, especially if you’ve loitered in the financial section for a few minutes.  Each time the government makes a move, there’s the Fraser Institute vying for attention and their piece of the media spotlight.  They know how to craft a press release, and they do it so well that the press print them with glee.

Who needs to do work when someone at an Institute is doing it for you?

So who makes up the Fraser Institute?  It sounds official, comforting, soothing.  The Fraser Institute.  Repeat it, you imagine a sterile lab with technicians in lab coats guiding the economy with a steady hand.  Professionals.

If you’ve ever met one of them, say at a key party or a cockfight, you’d lose that trust you might have in them because of the prestigious stationary.

Look into their eyes, they’re deep black and at the right angel they twinkle.  Deep and dark that shinning light is a dying star being sucked into a black hole, the last light that escaped the gravity well; the Cyngus did not escape, there’s little hope that the Palomino will manage.

They are true believers, and come at you with a ferocity that only the really faithful can muster.  In a social situation while others just want to hang out near the shrimp cocktail, they’re out there like sharks ready to spread the gospel.  Their god is the invisible hand, and Adam Smith is their Petrus.

You might find yourself agreeing with their liberal outlook on marijuana, they want to legalize it, and then next thing you know you’re staring into their eyes lost agreeing that yes we sure as hell don’t need such a high minimum wage.  Regulating tobacco?  Jesus, what sort of monsters wouldn’t want to be giving cigarettes to six year olds?

Health care?  Who needs it?  Once we’ve gotten the kids hooked on cigarettes they certainly won’t need it for long.

It’s survival of the fittest my friends.

Don’t worry though, they’re professionals.  Comforting.  And they know how to craft a damn fine press release.

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  1. Ryan Cousineau (van_ryan) on July 14th, 2008 @ 12:36 pm

    Matt Tricia: seriously, huh? So now being a libertarian think tank makes you tantamount to satanists?

    Well gimme a robe and call em Aleister Crowley, then. I have to commit an anti-exorcism on one of my fellow authors.

    But thanks for the litmus tests. I’m totally gonna be more careful about the kind of stationery I accept in the future. Did you take your evil-detection lessons from the movie version of "American Psycho"?

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