We’re all tough behind the keyboard

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Ah blog wars.

We’re all tough behind our keyboard and everyone is brave when they can say things using a fake name.  I’ve been pulled into a few cross blog arguments, and I generally end up feeling dirty afterwards.  Typically they’re boring, the internet equivalent of watching the kids in the special class in grade four fight over who stole whose Muscle Men toys.  However like the playground dust-ups they most closely resemble its hard not to stand around chanting “Fight, fight, fight” when one is going on.

Goodness knows how this one started.  Possibly when Sean Orr of Beyond Robson, whose life goal is to defeat poverty with sarcasm, called the people at new local blog Vancity Buzz cocks [br].  The two sites have been going back and forth from there, mostly arguing over the fact that Orr is left wing and the pseudonomous bloggers at Vancity Buzz are right wing.  Or bar stars.  Or both.

Whatever they are they’re active, like a bunch of rabbits given Viagra in a completely irresponsibly run science experiment they’re posting at a rate that threatens to fill up all available internet storage by 2009.  Sadly nobody alive will ever be able to read all of their posts, because the layout looks a lot like someone vomited onto a scanner bed and just uploaded that as a .tiff file.  How can a default Blogger template look so ugly?

Eventually everyone will get tired of yelling at each other, and go back to their business of posting about clubbing, or making snotty comments about things on the internet and the rest of us can go back to kickball or whatever normal kids did during recess.

Me?  Well I spent most of my recesses online arguing about Star Trek.  Now that’s a blog war I can get interested in.

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  1. Rebecca (van_rebecca) on August 18th, 2008 @ 11:08 pm

    My name got smeared through the mud in the comments of that BR post. Blog wars truly are magic sometimes :-P

  2. Jeffery Simpson (van_jeffery) on August 18th, 2008 @ 11:46 pm

    Meh, you were called a "fameball". I’m sure you’ve been called much worse by much better than someone with a made up name in the comments section of a blog post.

    If you haven’t you really have lead a much cleaner life than I have. I get more aggro than that in the line at Wendy’s.

  3. keithlim on August 19th, 2008 @ 1:43 pm

    Flamewars used to be purer in spirit.

    On a BBS or mailing list or Usenet newsgroup, you at least knew the passion of the participants was sincere. On an advertising-supported website, there’s always that doubt, and not a little one either. On older media, such as print, radio, and television, there’s no shortage of mouthy commentators who obviously have their job not for their quality of content but mainly for their talent in being inflammatory and riling up people–and bringing in the advertising dollars. Ad-supported websites are just following this well-worn path.

    (It’s also still amusing (mildly) to me to see just how many bloggers think they’re the first to invent things. "Blog wars" are just run-of-the-mill flamewars which happen to take place on a blog. Which are just a type of website, not some incredible new form of publishing. And blogging is just writing–I’ve lost count of how many "how to blog well" articles I’ve come across that are just an inferior rehashing of classic advice that can be found in decades-old books like The Elements of Style or On Writing Well. Flamewars are almost never good writing, and while masturbation is pleasurable, people might at least have the grace to not do so in public.)

  4. hackd » the internet rant edition (pingback) on August 20th, 2008 @ 7:31 am

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