Everyone in the nation is laughing at our driving right now

Vancouver in the Snow

If you’ve lived, and driven, anywhere else in Canada you’re likely going to spend the new few days groaning audibly.  See on the west coast we’re in the middle of what some of us might like to think of as a snow storm.  The definition of snow storm being when snow falls from the sky, lands on the ground and stays there.

Of course if you’ve spent a winter anywhere else in Canada you’re going to be laughing at first, because the snow storm thats going to see Vancouver hunker down in our homes with our gas powered fireplaces cranked up all the way, is a light snow fall anywhere else.  Hell in Winnipeg this qualifies as Spring.

Okay, maybe I’m indulging in a little hyperbole here, but trust me if you’re from outside of the Lower Mainland and this is your first time driving in Vancouver snow, you’re in for a treat.  And by treat I mean you’re going to pull your hair out as you watch a city full of people drive around like a half inch of snow might actually cause their car to flip and burst into flames.

It’s not the weather you’ve got to watch out for, it’s the drivers.

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  1. kanuckeh on December 21st, 2008 @ 12:44 pm

    Not so! There are Canadian ex-patriots that are now living "outside" the country who are laughing too! I’m just joking! No, really I’m not. Yes I am!

    I haven’t been home in years, and for all I know, my winter driving isn’t any better than yours. By the way, thanks for the photos of Vancouver, nice cure for homesickness, especially the snowy ones, lol!

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