Snow: Informer

Snow it's not just a Canadian rapper anymore.
Snow it’s more than just slick rhymes.

To save money the management of the building that I work in shuts down the heat during the weekend.  Since it’s just our store and the Blendz open Saturday and Sunday they figure that nobody is going to care, and so that’s why I’m standing here wearing a thermal fleece, a thick sweater and mittens.  My co-workers are wearing full winter coats, and have set up two space heaters which seem to simply be draining electricity and making a great deal of noise.

Meanwhile Vancouver airport is, at this point, still open for business despite fresh snow throughout the day [yvr].  Flights are being delayed, though few have been cancelled out right and those seem to be because of snow on the other end of the flight. 
Road-wise the downtown streets were cleared about an hour ago, but they’re now back to being mostly slush and loose snow.  Smart driving is going to be okay, but I’d add a little more time to your schedule this evening if you are going anywhere.
It’ll be snowing throughout the night and into tomorrow so plan your commute to work accordingly.

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