Olympocalypse! The Beginning!

Like it or lump it, the Olympics are here and the city will never be the same. I wasn’t going to start this, hopefully, ongoing feature until later tomorrow, after I’ve had a chance to check out the Panasonic Pavillion and their swank 3D technology, but already the tales are upon us and it’s time to catalog them;

– Word is the events are being broadcast in HD, for free, to anyone with an HD TV and a little tinkering. I’m trying to find out more, but in the meantime, has anybody heard of this, or is this the topical equivalent of “Email this to 10 friends and Bill Gates will buy you lunch?”

– Not everything during the Olympics costs money or requires a lottery draw! Check out Where 2 Be For Free! Free Wilco concert on Saturday! Robson Square has a zip-line! And more!

photo by drowcliffe

– Have you seen those big, red, no stopping bags dropped over parking meters (like on the Broadway corridor or Main Street)? Well, they mean it. One part security and one part keeping a lane open for critical bus lines, the city is enforcing their temporary no-stopping policy with a (get ready) $1000 fine. I found this out from a local business who’s deliveries got upset by the truck’s inability to stop right out front of the store.

– That helicopter is keeping me up at night. I’m just saying.

– UBC students are getting some time off. Which seems a considerable road bump mid-semester. I haven’t heard any information about how the departments are taking this into account, but at least Greek row has figured out how to capitalize on the events.

– Olympics, this is the Internets. Internets, these are the Olympics. And hilarity ensues, as Pedo Bear becomes the unofficial fifth mascot for the Vancouver Olympics. Take THAT, Hidy and Howdy!

OK, there’s lots going on – what have you seen or heard? Send in your Olympic links and tales.

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