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Saturday Matinee

Saturday Matinee

Fifth Ave Cinemas on Burrard.
Go see it, even if you think you don’t like super hero movies. (Like I don’t.)

Two turntables and a brass trombone

While the selection of Summer movies is starting to pick up, the weather is promising to be most excellent – so, given the choice between air conditioned cold in the dark for $12 and cool sunset for free, which would you pick? Oh, did I mention option B has live music?

Given the continued, ritual scarification of the city – better known as the building of the new Canada line – Yaletown will not be holding it’s annual outdoor car show this year (a terrible blow, as that’s when Elfsar Comics has its annual sale – hopefully some good news on that later.)

(photo by Urban Mixer)

Instead, they will be holding Hot Fridays, which are a series of live music performances on a closed off street until late August. Tomorrow… sorry, today, July 11th, DJ Leanne and friends will be spinning and winning on the 1000 block of Mainland (that’s by the Subway, at Nelson, I think.) Don’t sweat it, if you miss out this week, Leanne is up for the following two Fridays as well. No word on the bands playing in the weeks following.

And the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra is performing at Deer Lake Park on Sunday – I don’t know that much more need be said. People in evening wear playing a selection of very old, kind of old, and movie soundtrack music (in this case, West Side Story – do come and rumble, won’t you?) In a lovely park, for free – so, bring a blanket and nom noms, and enjoy.

Anthony Crosfield – Hair Superstar

I’m going to meander a bit on my way to a point – I’ll probably do that a lot in the coming weeks, but hopefully you’ll come to regard that as a certain sort of value.

Many years ago I got fed up with $12 haircuts. While I didn’t exactly require a lot of hair care, what with keeping it short all the time, I found the magic-cuts only lasted for a couple of days and then I looked like my head was a prank gone wrong. So, I asked around and a co-worker suggested a friend who worked at the now gone gone gone Stratosphere salon. They had great music, Shelley was wizard enough to know how to cut my hair so that it could grow in for weeks and not make me look like a fuzzy mushroom (perfect for a lazy procrastinator like myself who didn’t want to do the every-two-weeks thing) and best of all, it was behind the offices, just across Hamilton. Nice!

Anyhow, Shelley eventually moved out of downtown to go work at Mine Stylesource on Broadway (or Mine Hair, as I like to call it – say it with a bad German accent, you’ll get it), which is owned by one Anthony Crosfield (here comes the point!) Very nice guy, very entrenched in Mount Pleasant, judging by the way I keep running into him and Mine staffers all over the place. And he’s a winner! Not in the general, everyone’s a winner sense. He’s this year’s hair superstar on the Superstar Hair Challenge! If you’ve never seen the show, you can probably guess the format – a selection of people in a certain profession (in this case, hair stylists) compete every week in some profession themed contest, and losers are invited to take a teary hike, one at a time. And after 7 weeks (or, more likely 7 days carefully of shooting that’s parceled out over 7 weeks), it came down to Anthony and two other stylists, and Anthony won the day.

Only, I just found out about it today – and he won last week. See, I’m not a reality TV guy, so the only way I found out about this was walking part his salon and seeing a poster for the show in the window. Hey, I know him! And it’s on tonight! I will watch as a show of support. And just my luck, it was all over.

So, no TV for me, but a big congrats to Anthony – and hey, all is not lost. Slice (which was airing the show) has all 7 episodes up online. I’ll watch it online, just because it’s one of the few sites that isn’t Bogarting their video just because I’m not on their side of the border! Plus, one episode has twins, so… rawr.

Spamalot in Vancouver: Spam ei kohtuullinen ajaksi email


I’ve been a Monty Python fan for years, and the thing that drew me in was Monty Python and the Holy Grail [wp].  Like most good nerds I could recite complete passages of the film from memory, having watched it more times than anyone should ever watch any film.  Later I’d get into the show through the audio recordings, then eventually renting the VHS tapes of the BBC show. 

Yet I was oddly unwilling to pay good money to see Monty Python’s Spamalot.  Some of it was that of all the Pythons Eric Idle, the driving force behind Spamalot, had always been my least favorite of the group and had always seemed the most willing to cash in on the group’s fame no matter how tacky. 

And tacky it is, though in the glorious tacky manner that both embraces and mocks its translation from low budget film to Broadway musical.  In a lot of ways this is a meta-musical, playing with the form the same way that the movie played with the form of movie theatre.  Songs such as “Diva’s Lament” and “You Won’t Succeed On Broadway” are often less about the plot, than about the fact that a musical is going on.  Some songs are slightly altered versions from the movie, while Idle brings “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” in from Life of Brian to help fill the show out.


The Device To Root Out Evil has finished its work and is moving on to Calgary

Device to Root Out Evil

Device to Root Out Evil

almost gone

I used to walk past the Device To Root Out Evil everyday going between the Skytrain station and my apartment without ever really thinking about it. I liked it well enough, though not into art I always found it pretty cool looking and it was a nice way to break up the monotony of the West End’s new condo development.

Sadly it broke up the monotony too well, as some apartment owners complained that it was blocking their view of the floating gas station in the bay and Hell hath no fury like a bunch of no nothings with a petition to frighten the city government with.

Bought from Stanford University for three hundred thousand dollars after the university commissioned its creation by American artist Dennis Oppenheim and then rejected it for being too controversial since it is an upside down church. Ironically the only controversy in Vancouver was about housing prices affected by it.

The sculpture is off to Calgary. Yup, we’re now officially less open minded and more money obsessed than Calgary. Way to go Vancouver.

Further reading on the Device To Root Out Evil:

  • CutltureKioskque [ck]
  • Stanford Daily Online [sdo]

Krazy! comics come to the Vancouver Art Gallery


Vancouver Art Gallery Exhibition

KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art

May 17 to September 7, 200

I went to see Krazy! last week. It’s the first showing at the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) that I’ve been to in awhile, and as someone who spends far too much of their monthly income on video games, comic books and graphic novels it’s right up my alley.

The exhibit takes up two floors of the gallery, with the main floor being dedicated to comics and graphic novels along with anime and magna with the second floor turned over to video games and film. The show is curated by some of the big names of the featured industries including Art Spiegelman most famous for his Holocaust retelling Maus and Will Wright who created the Sim games such as Sim City and The Sims. The show offers an interesting examination of animation from cartoon stips in the newspaper with Krazy Kat to video games and modern computer animated movies.

It does not, however offer any context, something that is actually too bad since this is a rare opportunity to bring outsiders into the world of animation, and graphic storytelling.

Below the jump is my critique of the exhibit. It might sound negative, but really in total this is a good show and well worth your time. It’s certainly not perfect, but there is a chance that I’m being overly critical of it. I enjoyed my time going through the exhibit quite a bit, and would certainly recommend it to anyone regardless of their interest level in animated storytelling.


Going to the Emerald City with Tony Stark

Iron Man, originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

Any comic book fan worth their weight in refried beans is heading down to Seattle for the Emerald City Comic Convention [eccc] this weekend. Though Vancouver has yet to get a decent convention that attracts mainstream talent, Seattle’s convention has been getting better every year.

Since it’s not Vancouver related you won’t see me blogging about it here, though if you head over to our Seattle sister site Metroblogging Seattle [mbs] you’ll find that I’ll be doing some posting while I’m down there.

Anyone one else going down for the show?

Raiders: The Adaptation showing tonight in Vancouver

On the set, originally uploaded by TrueFalseFilmFestival.

When most people really love a movie they might go see it a few times in the movie theatre, buy it on DVD and quote their favorite lines to their friends. In 1982 three twelve year olds really loved Raiders of the Lost Ark and so they set about remaking it shot by shot. Eric Zala, Jayson Lamb and Chris Strompolos took until 1989 to complete the filming of their remake, and then they put the film away for the next 15 years [wm]. Since being discovered by web nerd Harry Knowles, founder of Ain’t It Cool News, the film has become a cult hit the trio have been to George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment studio where they met Spielberg.

Crudly shot on ’80s home video recording technology and acted by a cast of teenagers, the film is meant to be quite an experiance both as a tribute to the original Raiders and for a cultish campish event in its own right.

Raiders: The Adaptation is showing in Vancouver tonight. There is one showing only at 7 pm at The Park Theatre [gmt].

‘Foyles War’

The bus in ‘Foyles War’ ?, originally uploaded by Renown.

I am a bit late with this news which appeared in the Guardian on April 9. But I am sure there will be many fans of the PBS Mystery series who will delighted to learn, as I was, the even though the last episode of Foyle was on VE Day he may yet return.

The image, by the way comes from a bus restorer/painter in England. One of the appeals of British tv is the care and attention that is given to historic recreation in period drama. This really is a prewar coach, and yes, when the blitz damaged large numbers of London’s red double deckers, all kinds of other vehicles were pressed into service.

Now all I need is a plausible excuse for posting a picture of a steam train. Anyone want to see the world’s biggest coal fired cappuccino machine?

Vancouver win tickets to The Submarines and Bell X1

The Submarines - Press Photo

Who: The Submarines & Bell X1

Where: The Plaza

When: Saturday the 29th of March, 2008

Do you want a pair of free tickets to see The Submarines and Bell X1 this Saturday at The Plaza? Here’s what you do, you comment on this thread answering a simple trivia question and if you are the first person to answer it correctly you win.

What’s the catch? There isn’t any. Tickets will be ready at the door for you and a friend and you’ll get a night of some good music.

Just answer the following question correctly in the comments. If you need help see this Wikipedia entry on The Submarines [wp].

Question: What are the names of the members of The Submarines?

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