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Forget dancing hampsters, it’s hatching bald eagles that are the new internet hot hot heat

A Vancouver man set up a web cam to record the nesting habits of two bald eagles in his neighbour’s tree and the feed of the eggs sitting there doing nothing is bringing in over three (that’s 3) million hits a day. Yup, eagles are the new hotness.

From the CBC [cbc]:

Doug Carrick, who is monitoring an eagle nest in his Hornby Island backyard with a webcam and broadcasting the images worldwide on the internet, says that contrary to reports Friday, the eggs have not begun to hatch.

I need a webcam and some Google ads. Maybe I can find something like a few nesting vampires and set that up, then I’d be rich, richer than astronauts. Meanwhile I wonder if Stephen Colbert will jump on this, given his love of all things eagle and hatred of all things bear.

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