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Bertuzzi’s hit still haunts this city

Bertuzzi waits

For most of us it’s old news. Todd Bertuzzi hit Steve Moore in a cheap and dirty hit and nearly four years later it’s still one of the biggest sports stories in the city. Thanks to the wonders of the legal system we’ve still got new revelations about that fateful night to make headlines; the latest of which is that then Canucks coach Marc Crawford tried to call Bertuzzi off the ice moments before the Moore hit [cbc].

Moore is suing Bertuzzi and the Canucks, saying that Bertuzzi was told to get Moore by the Canucks organization, or at least the coaching staff. The Canucks are arguing that nobody in their organization wanted Bertuzzi to get Moore, though I suspect that at least one of the pretzel guys in the concourse probably hoped that Moore would get his ass kicked.

The hit is going to continue to dominate the backpages of local papers for the next few months until the trial wraps up. Then as is the custom I’m sure there will be an appeal by one side or the other, so we can look forward to another four years of this.

Honestly Bertuzzi did a shitty thing, but somewhere in the NHL at least one player does a shitty thing every night of the season. Bertuzzi’s bad luck was that Moore was seriously injuried as a result, and that it looked terrible on camera. He’ll never live it down, and it’ll be sometime until the Canucks do.

Before Johnny was there Chuck?


Could “Chuck Canuck” have preceded Johnny Canuck as the Vancouver team’s logo or mascot? He’s wearing the stick and rink logo so it must have been in the 70s. Island blogger, hockey aficionado and radio announcer “Hammer” has a few details up on Bulldog Blog. If anyone has any more information about “Chuck” please, feel free to comment… and enlighten.

Canucks on Your Dashboard

What’s the quickest, fastest way to look up schedule info when someone turns to you and asks, “is there a game on tonight?” Of course they *must* be talking about the Canucks right? But aside from having the Shoppers calendar handy, what else can you do?

I recently came across a blog post about a new dashboard widget for sports teams (this is the pro-Mac portion of the blog post).

With the hockey season fast approaching, like many Canadians, I’m starting to get psyched. It’s not enough that I have the Leafs schedule added to my Google Calendar, I have to have them on my dashboard too. Enter Conference Call Omni. Oh and yeah, it works with pro football (and lots of other sports/leagues). [SimpleHelp]


Okay so we’ll just ignore the fact that the author is a Leafs fan and I’ll tell you how simple it is to get the Canucks schedule on your desktop, and at your fingertips, on demand.

Conference Call OMNI provides a centralized source of schedule and scoring data for a variety of sports: Collegiate and professional basketball (men’s and women’s), Collegiate and professional football, Professional baseball, Professional hockey, Professional men’s soccer, Professional auto racing [DL & DS]

The widget is working great for me so far despite the fact that it’s linked up with Fox Sports. However I’m not sure if it displays results from past games and it’s not showing anything for the pre-season.

You can also get several versions of the schedule from They have iCal downloads for home and road games as well as snazzy “infuzer” schedules you can put in your Lotus Notes – there, something for the PC users out there.

For multi-platform formats they also offer Excel, CSV and PDF versions.

That should cover anyone but if you know of a better up-to-the-minute source for schedule and game information, leave a note in the comments.

The Canucks are kinda classy

Mario Lemieux vs. Dan Cloutier

Originally uploaded by GKYC.

I got an email from the Canucks human resources department yesterday telling me that I they were not interested in offering me the job that I applied for a month or so ago. This might seem like a little thing, but after a few months on the job hunt it’s actually one of the nicest things I’ve been able to say about a company.

For the most part people just ignore you unless they want to meet you for an interview. Which means that you’re never even sure if anyone read your application, or whether it got lost in an overly complicated submission system on some corporate website. That’s the norm.

The worst of course was when Apple did not contact me, but instead offered the job to two of my references. So I have to say that the Canucks are a bit better than any other company I’ve applied for.

NHL08 is some kind of greatness


Originally uploaded by gamertagradio.

Loads of great video games are developed in local studios, but nothing impresses our fellow Canadians like the fact that Electronic Arts’ Vancouver/Burnaby studios do the bulk of the work on their NHL franchise. If you’re like me you don’t get truly excited for a new season of hockey until you’ve lost a few hours of sleep trying to guide your team into the playoffs.

Critics, such as my former (freelance) employer IGN, have generally been a bit hard on the series for being overly arcade-y, especially when compared to the NHL2K series. This year though IGN is loving the EA [ign] and the game scored slightly better than NHL2K8.

Having picked it up last night and spent a few hours already, I must say the game is so much better this year than it’s ever been. The on-ice experience is splendid, and for the first time I feel like I’m actually playing a hockey game. Sure you can score the odd breakaway goal, but for the most part it’s about cycling the puck around the offensive zone before taking a shot instead of just setting up the glorious one-timer.

Oh and the Canucks’ much hated new jersey? It’s in there, but you’ll have to unlock it (and the other 2007-2008 shirts) with a code. Thankfully the code is after the jump.


Let’s sell out all the way

Footballer in the making

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Matthew Good was the first to draw a parallel between the Canucks new jersey and the constantly changing kits of the European football teams [mg], new shirts are a cash grab getting fans to buy a new bit of merch every few years. With the exception of the team crest, the uniforms tend to have sponsor logos where NHL teams put their logos. (Good used an alternate universe version of Arsenal’s traditional logo on his own Kapa made football shirts with MGB in the sposor slot).

Here I actually think we should be following football’s lead, but then again I often think that. We’re quick to slap a corporate logo on pretty much every surface, so why don’t we just start selling ad on hockey jerseys? They already do it in the European leagues where uniforms look like NASCARs [fkr], why not just admit that the NHL and the NHLPA are in it for the money and go whole hog? I mean Disney used to own a team, we sold out long ago and let me tell you FIFA would never have gone for a glowing laser ball in order to sell football (soccer) to the Americans.


Hockey Pool Vancouver

how do YOU feel?

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I’m trying to set up a hockey pool at work, and it crossed my mind that it would not be too difficult to do one for the site here that would include interested readers and authors.

So before I go through the work to set it up, anyone interested? It would be free, but there would no big cash prizes either. It would just be for fun, bragging rights and winners would get their name in digital lights on the blog. If you’re into it post in the comments and I’ll gauge interest. Then keep watching this space for more information.

Also anyone know of a good (cheap) online pool manager that allows players to modify their teams so that the pool manager doesn’t need to do all the trading?

The Hybrid Jersey

You gotta hand it to the Canucks organization. They were able to create hype ALL summer about these new uniforms and also managed to get almost 10,000 people to GM Place, mid day, during the week, for the unveiling of the new jerseys.

Early reports from the blogosphere note how “busy” and “cluttered” the jersey is. Honestly, I love the colours, I don’t mind the orca logo, and I like the words “Vancouver” across the front – which is sort of the throw-back to the Millionaires’ days. But put them all together? And yeah, slightly less than impressed. You know what though, they could be worse. I’m just ready for the puck to drop this season, I’m seriously missing hockey this summer.

Five things the Canucks need to succeed

Canucks v Flames

1) A new Trevor Linden: While the current Trevor Linden is one of the team’s leaders, he’s not the force on the ice he once was. Though he can dig in and provide a few goals when needed (25 points in 80 games is pretty good for a third line player) he’s not someone that the Canucks can build a team around anymore. The team needs a player who might not lead the team in points, will lead them by being a role model that mixes passion and dedication. For awhile it seemed like Todd Bertuzzi could have stepped into that role, but that didn’t work out. Ryan Smyth would have been perfect in the role, but ended up in Colorado instead.

2) A career year from Markus Naslund: The sort of numbers Naslund produced last year would have been impressive but down from the year before and quite a bit lower than his golden period of 1998-1999. Despite the fact that the Sedins have stepped up their offensive output Naslund is still the team’s main scoring threat. A successful playoff run depends on him being effective every game, with no dry spells. There’s only a few more great years left in him, this needs to be one.

3) A healthy Roberto Luongo: Let’s face it Luongo is the first netminder since Kirk McLean that the Canucks have had who can win them games. Previously fans have just had to be content with holding their breath and hoping that the team’s goalie wouldn’t let in a shot from centre ice. However the club has been through goalie injury troubles before, and if Luongo gets hurt the entire year could be thrown into chaos. Let me say it again, Roberto Luongo is currently the cornerstone of the franchise and without him we might as well just change our name to Seattle and cheer for the Super Marinerhawks.

The Vancouver Canucks want you!

Yes, you! Well, maybe you. Are you a blogger? They’re looking for one, for the site.

The short version: you need to submit a 500-word essay. They pick 8 finalists, who go head-to-head in a knockout format. Last blogger standing wins.

Their promo page contains the interesting phrase “voluntary position with compensation based on performance,” which sounds like a soup-kitchen worker who gets paid in tips.

Complete details here. Act now, submissions close on August 6th.

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