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Hey, Batter Batter: Baseball in Vancouver

It's Looking Good
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OK, so let me start by saying I know nothing about baseball. Well, not nothing. I know as much about baseball as I do about women, about Africa or about how to teach my cat to stop throwing up on the carpet when there’s a perfectly fine tile kitchen floor about six feet away.

But tonight I went to a baseball game between the Vancouver Canadians and the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. Salem-Keizer is a city-collective that pooled its resources to field a superb A level baseball team. A level sounds very important to me — like getting an “A” in school is very hard, so an A level team must be very good. Full of honours students, perhaps.

Nine other good friends and I showed up and went in and had a good time. It’s an intimate stadium, which means that it’s small. Every seat is pretty good and people are happy and smiling and not at all ready to punch you in the head and steal your sushi like at the hockey games I attended in Los Angeles.

Tickets were about $10, and there are home games up until September 6, and it’s in historic Nat Bailey stadium which has not been torn down, nor should it be. (That last link is from local blogger Chris Parry, who just got a gig writing for…) But they should have had more food supplies on hand — they ran out of chili in the 3rd inning and hot dogs in the 7th inning and the mini donuts were rationed out slowly for only half the innings before they shut down completely. I guess what with the whole ten of us showing up unexpectedly…

Hey bloggers, I’m told there’s free wireless Internet access is also available in the stands. Shall we go test it out?

p.s. We won, 5-3.

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