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World reaction to the news of Benazir Bhutto’s murder

Bhutto assassinated….

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Metroblogging Islamabad [mbi] & [mbi]:

We never thought 2007 will say its final goodbyes on this note. On and off, I & many other bloggers shared our thoughts on the suicide bombings and massive killings. The prominent figures were never hurt and commoners lost their precious lives to such attacks. Today was an altogether different case though. We liked her or not, that’s an altogether different rant, Benazir Bhutto was a prominent and influential lady. The two times PM of pakistan is no more. Seems like legacy of Kennedy family has shown its face in Pakistan. May Allah bless her and the many others who have lost their precious lives.

Metroblogging Karachi [mbk]:

It is without doubt that an entire nation actually sheds a tear on the death of Benazir Bhutto, she was a hero to many, and rival to others, but the bottom line is that she was a brave leader of our nation and her struggles for democracy will not go unremembered. May Her Soul Rest in Peace.

Metroblogging Lahore [mbl]:

On the evening of 27th December 2007, Ms Benazir Bhutto died due to injuries sustained in a suicide bomb attack on her life. I feel like repeating this to actually believe it. I feel that almost everything within the Pakistani political makeup will change. There is already incident reports of people ransacking offices of political officials, of protestors burning vehicles and the subsequent sense of fear that things will turn for the worse. I, unfortunately, also feel that the same unjust rule, the same all-consuming lust for power, the same indifference that seems to be root cause of everything evil and the same ‘wheeling and dealing’ associated with the politicians of today will continue unabated.

Once again we’re looking for authors


Here at Metroblogging Vancouver we’re always on the lookout for a few good bloggers. That’s right it’s another author drive here at Metroblogging Vancouver, and we’ve got volunteers manning telephones ready for your call. Okay, so we don’t have anyone waiting for your telephone call but we are taking authors. That means if you like the vibe here at MB Vancouver, you can be a part of it.

We are currently looking for bloggers who can post about life in Vancouver three or more times a week. As part of the original city blog network your work will be exposed by a large international audience, we have regular readers from pretty much every corner of the world, and you’ll be a part of an exciting team boasting some of this city’s best blogging talent. It’s great exposure for your own personal blog, and as long as you’re writing about Vancouver we have no particular editorial mandate.

This is your blog Vancouver, and we’d love more of you to use it as your voice.

To join Metroblogging Vancouver please our application site [mb] or email me [jks].

Four years of Metroblogging


Metroblogging [wp] is turning four years old today. Starting in LA with Blogging LA [bla] the world wide blogging network has expanded to over 50 cities dotting the world like the chicken pox dot a young child’s face. Though Vancouver’s planet in the Metroblogging universe hasn’t been around quite as long, we started just over two years ago, I am quite proud of the part we’ve played.

Some sites might claim to blog past downtown Vancouver, but with Metroblogging we’re part of a network that touches an incredibly diverse set of cities and different cultures. Being able to watch our Pakistan blogs deal with their recent political troubles [mb] was an incredibly revealing experience. We’ve been lucky in Vancouver, and Canada, not to have good blogging opportunities like that or the riots in Dublin [mbv] to challenge us. It makes me appreciate my ability to complain about the strike without having to worry about being hurt in the process.

Emergency Rule in Pakistan


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I go to bed complaining about the giant floodlight that Hollywood installed outside my bedroom window, and I wake up reminded that there are bigger problems than what we get riled about here in the western world. In Pakistan the media has been shut down by President Pervez Musharraf and 11 judges on their Supreme Court have been confined to the Supreme Court building over the potential verdict in their decision over Musharraf’s election vicotry in October [bbc].

Since Metroblogging is a world wide network of blogs there are bloggers we know affected by this. Some important Metroblogging posts to check out if you’re following this story and want a local on the ground perspective come from Metroblogging Karachi [mbk], Metroblogging Lahore [mbl] and Metroblogging Islamabad [mbi].

Currently the only media sources in Pakistan seem to be the BBC and Al-Jazeera English. Internet connectivity still seems to be working. What Metroblogging will be doing is if the bloggers at our sites in those cities do not feel safe in posting material under their own names to their own MB city sites, they hopefully will be able to forward information to Metroblogging proper. Any such reports will be posted [mb].

From the thread by Sean Bonner on

“We are all safe here in Karachi. All news channels are blocked & so [are] all news sites like Local calls are also blocked. I have heard from relatives abroad that it is being reported that traffic in karachi is bleak & Martial Law has been enforced. I want to clarify that there is nothing like that. Yes the traffic is a bit less but only because the president is to address the nation anytime. Also there is no Martial Law announced yet!”

I’m currently talking with a few of our bloggers via IM and things seem calm though they are confirming the news/phone block however the net it still up and running so far. More soon.

We’ll do out best here to keep you updated as things happen. Also we’re all hoping our fellow Metrobloggers, and everyone else, are okay.

MB Twin Cities: Bridge collapse coverage

Metroblogging Minneapolis is covering the 35 West over the Mississippi River collapse. The inital thread which they’ve been updating is here [mbm] and then they’ve got an open thread with updates and comments from bloggers and readers alike here [mbm]. I haven’t had time to watch the YouTube footage they’ve got up there, or watch any TV news on the disaster, but it’s sounding fairly horrific.

They also have information on the posts about donating to the Red Cross and local relief agencies.

Shooting at Virginia Tech

Masacre at Virginia Tech

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The saying “be careful what you wish for” fits at the moment. Minutes after complaining that there was nothing to blog about I checked the news sites and my email and found out about the Virginia Tech school shooting. Metroblogging DC [mbdc] has a few posts up with a good deal of information to do with the shooting including an open thread. It’s worth looking at because they’ve got some good information from multiple sources.

I wish anyone who has friends or family at VT well.

Update, 4:45p, via CNN Newsfeed: Virginia is now in a State of Emergency, as ordered by Governor Kaine, who is on his way home from Tokyo. 33 dead. 15 more critically injured. A list of dead may be released as soon as tomorrow. The shooter in Norris Hall had no identification on his person, and has yet to be identified. “Why didn’t you shut down the campus at the first shooting?” “We concluded the first shooting was a domestic shooting, and we had reason to believe the shooter was leaving the state.” Police at this time have not connected the first shooting to the second.

Metroblogging Vancouver: The Recruitment Drive

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Metroblogging Vancouver is growing quickly. To help fertilize this growth we are looking for more enthusiastic bloggers to come aboard and write interesting entries for us. As a Metroblogger volunteer, you will be free to write about whatever they want as long as it has some connection to Vancouver, but you must post at least three times a week. You also must live in or right around Vancouver

Other than that, it’s open season! We encourage series posts, or new ideas that will keep people interested and help us grow. It is a great opportunity to get your opinions heard, gain writing experience, blow off steam, or just see what it’s like to write to a broad audience. It’s also a great way to get yourself some exposure, and draw some more traffic to your own blog.
We only have a few spots, so if you are interested, drop us a line here. We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have. Give us a taste of the information below and we’ll be making our decision by next week.
– Full Name
– Writing or blogging history if applicable (if you have not blogged before, that doesn’t mean we will not consider you)
Thank you for reading Metroblogging Vancouver, and we hope that you’ll consider joining us on the dark side of the blogging moon.

Come swim in our (Flickr) pool

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If I were mentioning our Metroblogging Vancouver Flickr group [mbvf] simply because it’s so long since I’ve done so this would be a worthy post. However I’m also mentioning it because I’m always incredibly impressed with the high quality of photographs that people upload to our group. There are some amazing pictures of our great city in there from over 100 different photographers. Sure there’s always my own hack photography, but trust me my efforts are few and far between when compared with some of the great shots.

If you’re someone who takes pictures of Vancouver, and has a Flickr account, why don’t you consider joining? Pictures deposited in the group get featured on our right side sidebar, and if you leave the blogging feature open we might use your picture in a blog post. (If you don’t want us blogging with your photo just close the blogging option).

So check it out. It’s Flick-tastic. Err… photo-riffic…

What’s up my nerdz?


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I know what’s up, you’re all in front of you computers just checking your favorite city blog before going back into the world of Azeroth. It is the dawn of the Burning Crusade, and time to get your Blood Elf on.

For those of you who got lost somewhere around the second sentance of this post today is the day that the first expansion pack to the high popular World fo WarCraft was released. Called the Burning Crusade it adds a lot of additional content to the game, including two new races to play as and a new world to play in. So if your Skytrain ride today seems especially lacking in the sorts of people who generally play online MMORPGs then you know why.

Best Buy plastered downtown Vancouver with flyers advertising the release like it was some sort of rave in a wharehouse in Surrey with DJ Woozy. It’s rare that a major retailer engages in this sort of paper and tape marketing at the street level; I’ve certainly hardly ever seen it in Vancouver. So did it work? Did you line up at midnight for your copy, or did you think it was an indie band and pass on by?

For more, and better, World of Warcrafting stuff why not check out Metroblogging Azeroth [mba], all the cool level 62s in Stormwind are doing it.

It’s National De-Lurking Month

Vancouver at Night

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Okay maybe it’s not a nationally recognized month, but January is the start of a new year so why not turn over a new leaf and drop us a word. Or as they say on the streets drop us a wurd. If you’re a reader (regular, semi-regular or abnormal it’s all good) then feel free to comment on one of our many fine posts.

Us here at Metroblogging Vancouver rarely bite. Those of us who do have had our shots, so yay no rabbies! We’re nice people. Kind people. We feed puppies, care about kittens and tickle Elmo whenever he comes around. We’d love to get to know our readers a little more, and commenting is the easiest way for you to help us out with that.

Thanks for reading, and remember lurking is allowed, but commenting is so much more awesome.

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