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Vancouver’s pet crazy

Vancouver Dog Rules

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Vancouver likes its pets, but for fuck’s sake we’ve gone too far. I work in a mall and last weekend I was dealing with a man with what I at first assumed was a stuffed parrot on his shoulder. The stuffed parrot turned out to be a real live one, and the hour I dealt with the man has entered into my top ten list of least enjoyable experiances ever.

I’m not saying don’t have a parrot as a pet. Whatever, you want to have a loud squaky feathered creature that shouts and poops, then that’s your choice, but don’t inflict it on the rest of us. Leave it at home, or walk it in a park but don’t bring it to a mall.

I spent the entire half an hour with the parrot smacking me in the head with its wings. Then because malls are packed with children and parrots are apparently children magnets, children would come up to the parrot and try to touch it like they were at a petting zoo, at which point the parrot would whip around and try to bite them squawking loudly. The bird’s owner would then whip around and shout at the kids, “It’s not okay to touch him!” This happened at least once every ten minutes.

It was one of the low points in my life, and I’ve had a wide variety of low moments.

So please, dogs, cats, parrots, bats, lizards… whatever your cuddly little friend is please remember he/she is probably not that cuddly and friendly through someone else’s eyes.

Greyhaven Looking for a New Home

The Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary, at 4490 152 Street in Surrey, is losing its donated 500 square foot space on March 31. The parrot sanctuary, which houses conures, budgies, cockatiels and other exotic birds, has been upstairs of the Outdoor Garden Depot since 1998.

I’ve visited Greyhaven twice with one of their volunteers to get to know their birds and to help out. With the growth in the exotic animal trade, Greyhaven has outgrown its modest space. While averaging some 115 successful adoptions a year, the sanctuary received 159 new birds last year.

Aside from donating 1000 square feet to the non-profit society, you can donate your time, cages, bird toys, stainless steel dishes, bird food, first aid kits, arbutus and willow branches (for perches), T-stands, climbing trees, crafts (which Greyhaven can sell at fund-raising events), Canadian Tire money, or, of course, real money. If you’re really thinking of buying a bird, don’t! Talk to Greyhaven about other options.

Pet Etiquette In The Winter

As a responsible dog owner I’ve always been appalled at the actions of other pet owners who are irresponsible when it comes to picking up after their pets. In Vancouver this is predominately dogs as most cats go in a litter box at home.

When I moved into Richmond, I was pleasantly surprised at how the numerous parks here seemed to contain more signage and accessible garbage cans and in turn appeared to have less owners leaving their pet’s business behind.

Well today as I walked through the park and the snow is finally melting due to the warming weather I’m quickly discovering that the normally clean park is now a gauntlet of dog poop. Just because we have a few inches of snow doesn’t give you an excuse to not pick up after your pet!

This world’s going to the dogs

As a proud new owner of a condo in Mount Pleasant, I recently attended my very first Strata Council Annual General Meeting. Fun stuff!.. Okay. Maybe not so fun.

But it was a good thing I came, because my building came very, very close to allowing dogs in the building. The vote on this proposal actually came in at 11 in favor of allowing dogs to 6 against. Fortunately, the dog lovers needed a three quarters majority to get the motion passed, so my vote helped keep the canines out (though our building does actually allow cats and birds).

I actually like dogs. I think they’re fun, clever, lovable animals and the vast majority are about as likely to bite me as a co-worker (that is to say, it’s possible, just unlikely). Nonetheless, I was not prepared to accept the inevitable barking noises at all hours of the day and night and stains on the hallway carpet from the odd pre-housetrained “accident”.

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