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How is your rent?

Picture%201.pngrom]. Rentometer takes online listings and compares how much you’re paying to what other apartments are going for around yours.

It shows you a Google map that lets you take a look at places in your area that are both more expensive and far cheaper than where you’re currently living.

Via Metroblogging LA [bla].

We’ve got cheeeeeeap rent. Who knew?

I was surprised to learn the other day that, contrary to public perception, renting accomodations is still fairly cheap in Vancouver (To read what I discovered, check here). Rent increases averaged around 4 per cent last year (which I believe is the maximum allowed under local laws unless renovations are undertaken) while the average home value increase was around 28 per cent, if I recall correctly. Meanwhile, in Calgary, rents got hiked 19.5 per cent. Hence, rents here don’t seem to reflect true market value, much to our city’s benefit.

Of course, one can play with numbers all they want and still come to the conclusion that there just isn’t enough affordable housing in this city. But I’m not sure that any society in the modern world has been able to provide full housing for its citizens (Well, maybe Sweden or Denmark). And what is the obligation of government when its citizens have complete freedom of movement so they can migrate to areas or other cities with cheaper accomodations?

Spying on the Neighbours

If you’re a property owner, you’ve probably received your home’s assessment today. As touted by our esteemed local newspaper (the Sun, not the other one), most home owners have seen their house values rise by 23% (except Robert Pickton – his property value dropped by $2.5 million).

If you’re not a property owner, you can still join in on the fun: pick a neighbour on whose house you’ve got your sights set; go to the BC Assessment website; on the righthand side (under Property Owner Toolkit), click on Assessments and Sales by Address; click Next on the following two pages after answering a skill-testing question; enter in the address of your neighbour; and voila! your neighbour’s house’s price.

Yes, until March 15, you can find out what anyone in the province paid for their place or at what it’s valued.

(By the way, if you think your property has been incorrectly assessed you have until January 31 to file an appeal.)

Vancouver Realty TV

realestate.jpgAs residential highrises outnumber office space in Vancouver’s growing, livable downtown core, having your finger on the pulse of the real estate market is a valuable asset.

The only channel dedicated to Real Estate in Vancouver has just gone live. Now Novus customers can flip to channel 80 and see real estate listings, interviews, neighbourhood videos plus much more 24 hours a day 7 days a week. [MJAnkenman]

There’s also a website with updated listings for The Real Estate Channel which features videos, forums, listings (including rental), and community events.

My husband passed along this link so I guess we better start saving now if he wants to buy a house, being that the average price of a home in the Lower Mainland is $705,000 [housingmarketblog].

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