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Cover Your Ears

The Canada Line construction is in full swing and making a mess of everything in its path. I went along South Cambie for the first time in a long time the other day, spotting the preserved “Heritage Boulevard”, flooded trenches and snow-covered (at the time) gravel mounds and machinery. You can’t say there hasn’t been much progress.

Downtown, Granville construction at the Vancouver City Centre station is about to move up to another, unexpected level.

From a press release issued yesterday, available on the Canada Line site:

…limited rock blasting will be required on site, as excavators have been unsuccessful in removing deep ground rock. This work is scheduled to commence this week and may continue intermittently until station excavation has concluded, which is scheduled for the spring of 2007 [pdf]

If you live or work in the area, be aware when you hear that whistle, cause you know a “whump!” is coming next (according to the press release anyway). Although you’d think most downtown residents would be used to construction noise by now.

If you’re planing on shopping at stores located just off the squished, shrunken sidewalk be wary of what’s going on in the construction zone behind the fence.

The Vancouver City Centre station is being constructed between Robson and Georgia, between Sears and Cafe Crepe/Future Shop/London Drugs, as seen in the photo above.

(Photo is property of SqueakyMarmot on Flickr)

Vancouver is starting to look a lot like Christmas

The Christmas bus

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

Vancouver is starting to put on its Christmas clothes and get all into the holiday spirit. If it weren’t for the fact that this signals the time when I can start to buy egg nog in the stores, I’d say it was too soon. Still with November almost over, I suppose it’s not as bad as it could be.

The hotel across the street from my apartment has it’s Christmas decorations up, so everytime I look out my window I get fed a big blast o’Holiday right into my eyeballs. Yet still I remain upbeat about the holiday.

I know, what a trooper I am.

P.S. The holiday bus that’s running routes is super cute. I’m not sure if it’s the only one or if there are a few that have been so X-Massed.

Bus troubles

Bus troubles

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

Watching the flow of traffic from the glass bubble of a store that I work in is one of the ways we pass the time. Having a perfect view of the corner of Robson and Seymour we always watch as the cable buses come unattached and end up blocking traffic as the drivers climb out to fix the cables.

I’ve blogged about it before, but I was wondering is there any other corners where this happens? Where transit goes off the rails as it were? I’ve been informed that Seymour and Dunsmuir is also a corner with this problem.

Any others?

Poor Customer Service – Coast Mountain Bus Company – Part Two

For part one of the article, Click on the link below:

Poor Customer Service – Coast Mountain Bus Company

There’s one thing that I have to say about the managers at Coast Mountain Buslink – Kind and Considerate. Two days after we sent out the mail, we got a call from one of the managers. He listened to my wife’s story and explained that he was not able to move the bus driver to another route due to union regulations. He did mention though that the bus routes are rotated ever four to five weeks. Understandable – the union would never allow an arbitrary change of route just like that.

He then mentioned that they are in the process of setting up a system where people with strollers can register for a free id card stating that yes, this stroller is Coast Mountain buslink approved. That way the bus driver can’t refuse service. We’ll have to take the stroller in for measurement, but at least it’s a solution guaranteed to work.

All of you multiple birth parents, call in to Translink customer service to get your stroller registered. This will prevent any disputes and you won’t be left out in the rain with your children.

As for the bus driver in question, the manager defended him saying that he’s one of their most reliable bus drivers and has an excellent service record. Well, who am I to argue 20 years of bus driving experience. I guess he was just doing his job the way he thought it should be.

We’re just happy that they listened to our concerns and actually started putting a system in place so that these problems won’t happen in the future. Hopefully their service will continue to improve. Kudos to the manger at the bus company. You deserve it.

Robots on a Train (Rise of the Robots Skytrain party)

Rise of the Robots Skytrain party
Rise of the Robots Skytrain party (18 Aug)
(Photo: Andrew Ferguson | Gallery)

Reader Andrew Ferguson writes in to Vancouver Metblogs about the Rise of the Robots Skytrain party on 18 August. He has put 50 of his best photos of the event on his website: a gallery of robots for all to view. (And if these aren’t enough photos for you, the Rise of the Robots page has links to 9 other photosets and a video.)

Andrew writes: The event was a great time, with tons of people dressed as robots and a a live DJ playing a set on the train. Skytrain cops were all good about it, the Straight sent a photographer, and good times were had by all.

Being one of the robots on the train myself, I concur. There were some hiccups with the plan, but overall, it went well, and I even managed to find a robot afterparty too. (Incidentally, this was why I didn’t show up till very late at the unveiling party of WorkSpace, which was on the same evening.) If you weren’t there yourself, perhaps the photos can give an feel for the fun of the event.

The Bridge of Death


I would suspect you could shorten your life span in some way just by driving across it. I could come up with something more definitive if I were any good at crunching numbers but it’s so easy to see the big bold writing on the wall: The Pattullo Bridge is Deadly [wiki]

Free Friday Frenzy (some 18 Aug events)

There’s quite a few events happening this evening (Friday 18 August 2006), but with a little planning and a lot of rushing around, you could attend part of many of them. Below are just the ones I know of that are nominally free–but play nice and buy food if you’re at a restaurant, drinks if you go to a bar, pay transit fare if you’re riding, or make a donation to the organizers if such is requested.

Begin. 6:30 pm–BIFF is having a fannish show and tell night (or, if you prefer, the frog for rent creativity challenge). Skip out early; 8:00 pm–Robson Square Summertime Dance, put on by DanceSport BC. The first half hour is a professional dance lesson. Tonight’s class: the Social Foxtrot. General dancing and dance performances alternate throughout the rest of the night, with contests and giveaways near the end. Admission by donation and/or a non-perishable food item for the Food Bank. Rush off after the lesson, though, and you could make 9:09 pm, VCC-Clark Skytrain Station–Rise of the Robots! Skytrain Party, interactive public art put on by Newmindspace. It’s Robots on a Train! End the day with drop-ins to either (or both) of the Snakes on a MotherFarkin’ Fark Party (following the end of 10:20 pm SoaP show) or the unveiling of WorkSpace (21 Water Street, 8 till late; presumably it’s ok to be fashionably late). End. Or keep going. Up to you.

Happy Friday, everyone.

A virtual ride on a new bus

Searching for videos tagged Vancouver on YouTube I came across this rather dry video of a ride on one of the new buses in service in Vancouver. Whomever posted however has the skinny noting:

The brand new of New Flyer C40LF by Vancouver Translink, this bus was received Cummins Westport C Gas Plus engine and Allison B400R5 transmission~~

This video was taken at the first day of service on route 160 (Vancouver-PoCo Station)

It certainly looks new and nice. How come none of the buses I ever ride are anywhere near as nice as this one? The closest I’ve come is the fairly new buses that run on the B-Line out to the airport.

For he’s the captain of the night Seabus

And a right good captain too.

The captain of the Seabus leaving Lonsdale Quay at midnight on Friday night (as it turned into Saturday morning) and other Translink staff on duty were in no mood to take any nonsense from passengers that evening.

It was all jolly good entertainment. Picture the scene as it unfolded before me, as I describe it as best I can:

Down by the Bay

morning003tweaked.jpgGranville street north of Robson has pretty much turned into a barren land lined with parked cars, delivery trucks and scaffolding. Paying a little more attention to those signs in shop windows that remind us ‘Business is open along the Canada Line'[cl] might not be a bad idea. There are some cool places down here and I admit, I don’t explore as much as I should.

At the northern tip of Granville, where I pass through every day, there’s SO much going on e.g. The construction of the Canada Line; the building of The Hudson[hud] tower; and the renovation of Pacific Centre[pc].

With another entrance to the Granville Skytrain opening up within the next couple of weeks, foot traffic will be driven in and around the area via Dunsmuir as well. Take a stroll, there’s a lot you could be missing.

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