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The Generation X City?

SK8 Park

Having read jPod this week, and seeing in it a reference to “Generation K”, I found myself on wikipedia reading the articles on various generations (lamentably nothing about any “Generation K”), and revisiting the ever-growing article on Generation X.

In reference to Coupland’s seminal novel on the topic, the article now has a section which mentions that Generation X is a particularly relevant concept in Vancouver, where the incomprehensible real estate prices and sudden flood of foreign labour made the gap between the lives of Baby Boomers and those who came along afterward especially obvious.

JPod and Douglas Coupland in the house

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Douglas Coupland’s [wp] new book JPod is either out, or about to be out.* (What do you expect, research? Sheet if Fox News doesn’t have to do it why do I?) Which is exciting because with the exception of his previous book Eleanor Rigby which I’m midway through and his early book Life After God which is just too expensive for too little writing, I’ve loved everything he’s done.

Meanwhile if you’re not content to just read the books, and the blog posts about the books, then you might be excited to know that Coupland will be doing a reading interview thing later this month and you could go for frees! Now the catch is going for frees requires winning one of 150 tickets through the Ceeb [cbc]. Tickets are won in sets of twos, so if you win it’s only right that you take me, since I tipped you off.

* The book is in fact out in hardcover and has been since May.

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