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The Submarines in Vancouver: Win tickets

submarines, originally uploaded by Orrin.

Los Angeles pop rock band the Submarines are coming to Vancouver and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away thanks to Nettwerk. They’re playing at the Plaza Club [pc] on Saturday March 29th, with Bell X1, and you could be there if you win these hot tickets. The Submarines started in Los Angeles, and so did Metblogs with Blogging.LA [bla], so a Vancouver Metblogs contest with the group seems natural.

So how do you win these tickets? Answer a bit of trivia and we’ll do a draw on Monday the the 24th from all the qualifying entries. Post the answer to the question in the comments of this post, and I’ll just have to be diligent in checking the comments and deleting the answers so you at the very least have to go to their Wikipedia entry to answer this.

Question: The Submarines first album Declare A New State was mastered by a friend as a gift for what special event?

Answer in the comments. Entries have to be in by Sunday March 23rd.

Edit: This contest has been relaunched.  See this post [vmb] for details.

An update on the update

As Travis noted there’s still a few things going a bit wonky around here following the move from Moveable Type to WordPress.  Add to that the fact that we did a minor redesign and things are going a bit sideways at the moment.  After the jump I’ll talk a bit about the issues we know about, and what the status on them is. If you’re not interested in the nuts and bolts of how a blog runs then feel free to not read any further.   (more…)

Vancouver Metblogs is looking for you (and possibly at you depending on your cookie settings)


Now that we’ve made the move from Moveable Type to WordPress we’re looking to bring in some new bloggers.  If you’re a Vancouver based blogger and want to reach a whole new audiance consider writing for Vancouver Metblogs.  There’s no editorial mandate, beyond what you blog about needing to be about Vancouver and our request that you post at least two to three times a week.

So post two to three times a week about Vancouver and you get an automatic audiance well above a lot of regional newspapers in B.C.  Imagine the power that would give you, or the click through traffic to your own site as loyal readers fall in love with your prose and follow you to your own blog. 

Whatever your motivation come and join one of Vancouver’s best read blogs. 

For more information email me at jefferysimpson at macdotcom or post your questions in the comments.

Vancouver photography: MBV’s Flickr group

On Broadway, originally uploaded by rcousine.

Like the photography we use here at Metroblogging Vancouver? Figure you’ve got some better shots of our city sitting around on your hard drive? Why not upload them to Flickr and post them in our Flickr Group [fkr]?

Once in our Flickr group your photos will appear in our little animated Flickr widget on the right side there, but as long as you’ve left the blogging option open we might use it in one of our posts and people from around Vancouver and around the world will be seeing your shots. And if you’re not a photographer, head on in and look around anyway because there’s some stunning pictures in there.

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