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An update on the update

As Travis noted there’s still a few things going a bit wonky around here following the move from Moveable Type to WordPress.  Add to that the fact that we did a minor redesign and things are going a bit sideways at the moment.  After the jump I’ll talk a bit about the issues we know about, and what the status on them is. If you’re not interested in the nuts and bolts of how a blog runs then feel free to not read any further.   (more…)

Metroblogging Vancouver 3.0




Welcome to the new design for Metroblogging Vancouver.  It’s been in the works for awhile, and now finally it’s ready to go.


There might be some weirdness over the next few days, since this isn’t only a redesign but a platform change (from Moveable Type to WordPress).  I’m not in on the nuts and bolts of such moves, but some things might get broken, but in a few days that should be sorted out. There’s going to be a few new options which we’ll be rolling out over time, one of which is an ability to conduct polls within the platform which is going to make the Metroblogging Vancouver Tournament of Blogs run much smoother than the way I had been planning.


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